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The world is not over yet
This or scary
Or funny
I’m laughing

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Two stores with the best products offered by me
The first store is available only in Iran and sells clothes, hoodies, mugs, etc. with the best quality and design.
And the second store is available for all countries where you can download graphic products and ready-made aftereffect projects. Download the file by buying a very cheap and fast subscription.


You deserve the best quality

One of my favorite websites
You must have heard his name, if you have not heard, I will introduce you
mojaztv is a website that provides movies, series and anime with the best quality, subtitles and uncensored dubbing to the world.
Subscription is very affordable and available on all platforms


Music means life

This is my second love
A website full of music and music videos from around the world
From old to new
The world has no meaning without music
Most of my life, instead of listening to people, I listened to music that motivated me more
Music is like blood in a vein. Without music, life has no meaning at all


Be a ghost on the internet

One of the reasons I created this website is that everything in my country is filtered and not available
Well, we have the right to be like a ghost on the Internet so that no one has access to our address
The best, fastest and most secure VPN you can get
Very very cheap subscription and very high speed
Suitable for gaming and surfing the web


The best companion of a robot

This robot is very funny
A robot with easy access and a very professional panel
And most importantly free
Do you have a discord server? Don’t worry, you don’t need a thousand robots at all
All you need is a robot to play music for you and protect your server
Welcomes everyone
Announces a location on channels for streaming or YouTube
Warns someone if they do something wrong